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***2 September 2015. AusCham announces that Water Safety Vietnam is the beneficiary of its Charity Program 2015. Click here for full details.***

At its meeting on 10 March, 2015, the Board resolved to update the criteria for selecting beneficiaries under its Charity Policy to fund sustainable (where appropriate) charitable projects that aim to alleviate poverty, raise living standards, create opportunities or provide crisis relief in affected communities.

The Board resolved that charitable projects should meet the following criteria:

  • They have an Australian connection or are a Vietnamese NGO
  • They are sustainable (focus on investment rather than expenditure)
  • They are grass roots
  • They are operated by charities with administrations that are voluntary or consume less than 15 per cent of revenue
  • They do not receive large corporate funding and their funding requirements are similar, or less, to the funding already being generated
  • Preferably, not be aligned with or represented as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs

For information purposes only, this revised policy was then presented to the Annual General Meetings of the Hanoi and HCMC Chapters on 24 March 2015.

Charities Supported by AusCham Vietnam
  • A long awaited day arrived morning of the 20th February, when LVAP, joined by Australian Consul Graeme Swift and Vice Consul Chantelle Woodford, made the first dig into the grounds where a remarkable plan is now to construct Sunrise Special School 2. Soon to be a place of schooling for intellectuall...

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  • NEW SCHOOL BUS With very generous donations from UPS, AUSCHAM and LoretoFest, “Sunrise School” has purchased their new school bus! It arrives at the school last week for the Opening of the new School Year Ceremony and was blessed with incense and offering to the gods for its safety and ‘good running...

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  • The inaugural Ho Chi Minh City ‘Phun Run’ will be held on Sunday, 6 September 2009 starting at 8 AM. Whether you run, jog or walk, start training and get excited about participating in this unique 5K fun run over, under and around the Phu My Bridge. Anyone can join in the fun! With fantastic […]

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  • Meeting the kids in the streets of Hanoi and seeing the lives they were being forced to lead transformed my life and changed me forever. The road has not been smooth, but to journey without a struggle is only to stay in the same place. Seeing the young trainees transform from shy, undernourished, un...

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  • “Working With Others” has been developed by SCC to help disabled children build a better life though education and rehabilitation. The programme works with small-scale local Vietnamese organisations running projects that create or strengthen educational opportunities for disabled children. These spe...

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  • Birthing Kits Foundation (Australia)  (BKFA)  “Community Development Programme-Southern Vietnam” BKFA’s 5-day course educates village nurses / traditional birth attendants in the use of birthing kits, general midwifery, hygiene, nutrition and health training.  Attendees receive educational booklets ...

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