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$5,565 raised for Heartbeat Vietnam at Tabcorp Saigon Cup
$5,565 raised for Heartbeat Vietnam at Tabcorp Saigon Cup

USD5.565 has been raised for Heartbeat Vietnam at the Tabcorp Saigon Cup last weekend.

Added to the $2,069 raised during the 2nd Annual Scramble in HCMC last month, Auscham has raised a total of $7,634 for Heartbeat Vietnam.

According to their figures which state that they can save a life with every $1,000 raised, that’s nearly eight Vietnamese children’s lives that we can save.

Heartbeat Vietnam’s Rad Kivette writes:

“Dear AusCham and all of our AusCham Saigon Cup supporters – it is good that most of us can only try to imagine the heartache parents feel when they watch their child grow weaker and weaker and finally pass away. Most of us have never felt the pain and listlessness a child with congenital heart disease feels every day he or she is alive.

“Thank you for your compassion for those who suffer and your willingness to translate that emotion into action. Your support will go 100 per cent to provide surgeries and save some of the 20 plus thousand children’s lives all across Vietnam who have congenital heart defects and disease.

AusCham thanks all those who have been involved in our Scramble and Saigon Cup and given so generously. It is a significant achievement that makes a real difference.


Proceeds from the Tabcorp Saigon Cup Saigon Cup generated $5,565 for Heartbeat Vietnam.

In addition to the $2,069 raised from last month’s AusCham Scramble in HCMC, we have raised a total of $7,634.


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