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Heartbeat Vietnam

AusCham is delighted to announce that Heartbeat Vietnam will be the beneficiary of funds raised at our 2014 HCMC Scramble ($2,069) and Tabcorp Saigon Cup.

Each year in Vietnam, one in every 100 children is born with a congenital heart defect (CHD). Most of these children come from families who earn less than $30 per month and cannot afford the proper treatment or life-saving heart surgery. The average cost of a pediatric heart operation in Vietnam is $3,300. Through matching funding arrangements, however, Heartbeat Vietnam is able to reduce the cost to donors, like AusCham, to just $1,000.

So, for just $1,000, we can offer a child surgery that will allow them to get ahead in school and, literally, in life. The flip side is that, untreated, 85 per cent of children with a CHD will die before their 18th birthday.

Rad Kivette from Heartbeat Vietnam thanked AusCham for its support. “The Tabcorp Saigon Cup will help to save the lives of impoverished children with congenital heart defects and disease, improve the life of their families and change their communities forever.”

Phil Johns, Executive Director of AusCham said that “The Board is extremely pleased to make a financial contribution to Heartbeat Vietnam in support of its incredible work. Often, ‘a little is something’ but, in this case, ‘a little’ can make a profound difference.

“It’s also important to note that, during deliberations at its monthly meeting on Tuesday night, the Board remarked on the quality of the applications received from the various NGOs. There are amazing organisations doing amazing work to help build this country. The difficulty and complexity for the Board is, and will always be, in selecting just one organisation to receive our relatively modest contribution of funds.”

AusCham attempts to support all of its NGO members during the year by supporting their level of visibility. This is done through vehicles such as the “Charity of the Month” at Sundowners as well as posting relevant news on AusCham’s website (tracked by Google) which is then listed and hyperlinked in our weekly newsletters.

AusCham congratulates all applicants for the outstanding work that they do during the year and we look forward to being able to offer more direct and tangible support this year to Heartbeat Vietnam.


  • Heartbeat Vietnam is a program of the Vina Capital Foundation, a member of AusCham. The Vina Capital Foundation is audited by KPMG (KPMG also audits AusCham’s accounts)
  • The Tabcorp Saigon Cup will be held on Saturday 1 November from 11am (11am in Vietnam is 3pm in Melbourne which is when the McKinnon Stakes is run. The McKinnon Stakes is the final qualifying race for the all-important Melbourne Cup on the first Tuesday in November).
  • Money will be raised for Heartbeat Vietnam at the Tabcorp Saigon Cup through phantom races. People will pledge cash donations for horses in races that will be screened on the giant 7m x 4m LED screen. The highest cash donation for each horse will be accepted (all other pledges will be deemed void) and given directly to Heartbeat Vietnam. The horses will then race. Winners will receive prizes from sponsors.
  • Tickets are NO SALE NOW! Book now at Discounts for Tables of 10. For full details of the Tabcorp Saigon Cup, click onto our new mini website,
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