[Tuesday 24 October 2015 @ 7.35pm]

The 2015 AGMs in Hanoi & HCMC have just been completed.

Presentation to AGMs

To view the presentation that was delivered to both AGMs, please click onto AGM 2015 Presentation FINAL.

2015 Charter approved

AusCham is pleased to confirm that the proposed changes to the Charter, dated 26 March 2014, were approved. Therefore, officially, AusCham now has a new Charter dated 24 March 2015.

Quorum of 25 per cent required

To change the Charter, quorum of 25 per cent in both chapters is required. Hanoi had 49 per cent of its eligible members vote and HCMC had 31 per cent.

Two thirds majority required

Having achieved quorum, both Chapters then require two thirds (66.67 per cent) of those voting members to approve the change. Hanoi had a 91 per cent approval rate and HCMC had 96 per cent.

Accordingly, the amended Charter was adopted.

To download a copy of the approved Charter, click onto 2015 CHARTER Approved.

2015 National Board

[Updated from 25 March 2015. Click onto National Board elects 2015 Office Bearers.)

The 2015 Board

  1. President – Mr Brian O’ Reilly (HCMC)
  2. Vice President – Mr Giles Cooper (Hanoi)
  3. Treasurer – Mr Tran Thi Thuy Ha (HCMC)
  4. Secretary – Mr Jamie Rossall (HCMC)
  5. Ms Chau Ta (HCMC)
  6. Dr David A. Robinson (HCMC)
  7. Mr David W. Carter (Hanoi)
  8. Mr Shane Dillon (HCMC)
  9. Mr Adam McDonald (Hanoi)
  10. Mr Greg Ohan (HCMC)
  11. Mr Phillip Dowler (Hanoi)
  12. Mr Rod Quinton (HCMC)