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Position Statement

AusCham’s position on corruption and bribery is ‘zero tolerance’. AusCham conducts all business in an honest and ethical manner and acts professionally, fairly, with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws in all our business dealings and relationships, and expects our members to do the same. 

AusCham does not encourage contributions to Government officials or facilitation payments as a means of doing business. The Chamber encourages charitable donations only when they are ethical and legal under local laws and practices.

AusCham strongly encourages member companies to implement and enforce effective systems to counter corruption and bribery. This would include: 

  • not permitting the making of any inappropriate promises, gifts or excessive hospitality to Foreign Public Officials in order to achieve unfair advantage or benefit; and
  • resisting any efforts made by others (incl. existing or potential suppliers, customers or clients) to unfairly affect any official decision making process in order to achieve unfair advantage or benefit.

We will always report and document any breach of the law that is brought to our attention, through the reporting mechanism provided by Australian and/or Vietnamese authorities. Both Vietnamese and Australian law treat such violations seriously, with those who give bribes in Vietnam facing up to life in prison.