17 July 2014

AusCham is delighted to announce that, effective immediately, it will introduce a new
category of membership for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The fee
for an SME membership will be VND8.8 million (approximately $400) compared with
the full corporate membership fee of VND12.7 million (approximately $600).

To be classified as an SME, the company should:

·         Have less than 20 employees; and

·         Be a new or renewing member

There shall be two types of SME Members:

·         Ordinary Members – The organisation
must be operating in Vietnam and have substantial Australian ties. It shall
have two nominees with voting rights.

·         Associate Members – The organisation
must be operating in Vietnam and can demonstrate a business link to Australia
or Australian business in Vietnam. It shall have two nominees without
voting rights.

It is expected that a number of AusCham’s individual members will upgrade to an SME
membership which will allow AusCham to start promoting their business (as an individual
membership is a personal membership, Auscham is unable to promote any
business that they may be associated with).

AusCham also expects that the more affordable pricing structure will encourage other
Australian SMEs to purchase an SME Membership.

AusCham’s Executive Director, Phil Johns said that, “this is another example where the
Board has responded proactively to a changing market. Recently, the Board
resolved that AusCham would migrate from memberships that expired at the end of
each calendar year to memberships that expire 12 months from the date of
purchase. Now, the Board has filled a void by introducing a new category of
membership that far more effectively meets the needs of SMEs with an Australian

For further information, please email Executive Director, Phil Johns on execdirector@auschamvn.org