AusCham advises that the proposed Meet Australia 2017 Conference (supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs for Provinces, Australian Embassy and Australian Consulate-General) that was scheduled to be held on 26 September 2017 at RMIT University in District 7, HCMC has been postponed.

On Friday 11 August 2017, AusCham’s Board held a special meeting, specifically to discuss this event.

The Board considered that with the event’s forecast revenue falling short of forecast expenses, a reassessment of its timing and format was required.

Accordingly, it has been proposed that Meet Australia is held in the week leading up to the Australian Business Awards 2018 (more to follow). The Awards are currently scheduled for mid March 2018 (date to be confirmed).

The Board will also review the current format of Meet Australia to ensure that it adequately addresses the needs of members. Greater involvement of members should lead to increased ticket sales and sponsorships which will all help to improve the financial viability of the event.

AusCham apologises for any inconvenience caused but reassures all stakeholders that it is committed to Meet Australia.

The Board believes that, given the prevailing circumstances, proceeding with Meet Australia in its current form on the original date would have been imprudent. By making the decision to postpone the event now, we are giving ourselves every chance to lay a solid foundation that will support Meet Australia on an annual and growing basis.



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