Congratulations to the winner of the AusCham 2015 RMIT Executive MBA Scholarship, Mr Nguyen Minh Hieu.

Mr Hieu is a senior manager with KPMG Limited and is based in Hanoi.

The RMIT Executive MBA is a two year degree delivered over 12 weekend blocks of 4 highly-intensive days.

Participants, who each have considerable business experience and industry networks, come together from Friday to Monday, to learn and collaborate in the resolution of simulated real-world business problems, facilitated by leading business professors from RMIT and abroad.

Applicants for the AusCham RMIT Executive MBA Scholarship award were subjected to a rigorous selection process.

In addition to the normal stringent admission procedures of RMIT University, applicants needed to provide further evidence of their high-level managerial experience, community involvement and future leadership potential. Those short-listed were required to demonstrate to an interview panel their commitment to lifelong learning, the Vietnam business community and a willingness to become an ambassador for AusCham.

The interview panel of four comprised:

  • An MBA faculty member of RMIT University
  • RMIT University’s Senior Admissions Officer
  • RMIT University’s Asia Head of Post-Graduate Programs / Vietnam MBA Director
  • An AusCham Director.

All the applicants for the AusCham RMIT Executive MBA Scholarship were of a very high calibre and it was a close contest amongst the five who were short-listed.

The winner, Mr. Nguyen Minh Hieu, will take his place among the Executive MBA class of 2015 which starts on Friday, 13 March, 2015 when the new cohort begins their EMBA experience with the course entitled ‘Business in Global Context’. This course sets the scene for the EMBA journey by introducing innovative design and holistic-systemic thinking into management decision making, thereby ensuring the effectiveness of business decisions.

The AusCham RMIT Executive MBA Scholarship will be awarded annually and the opportunity now exists for corporate members to become co-branding sponsors of this award.

More to follow: An interview with Mr Nguyen Minh Hieu.

For further information on RMIT University’s Executive EMBA program, click here.

RMIT University is a 2015-16 Titanium Sponsor of AusCham.

Mr Nguyen Minh Hieu, winner of the inaugural 2015 AusCham RMIT Executive MBA Scholarship.

Mr Nguyen Minh Hieu, winner of the inaugural 2015 AusCham RMIT Executive MBA Scholarship.