AusCham would like to announce that two of our valued Board Members, Simon Taylor, Hanoi (Special Counsel for Baker & McKenzie) and Terry Flynn, HCMC (Country Manager Emirates Airlines) have resigned.

   Simon Taylor               Terry Flynn

Simon has decided to accept an in an in-house opportunity with Nissan Motors Australia back in his home town of Melbourne. Simon’s last working day at Baker & McKenzie will be on 29 January.

Terry will take up a new opportunity with Emirates in Conakry, Guinea in West Africa.

AusCham Chairman, Tareq Muhmood, thanked both Board Members for their contribution to the Australian Chamber of Commerce. “Like all our Board members, these two men have served AusCham’s members, sponsors and the wider community with great passion, insight and expertise – and all of it in a voluntary capacity. Their service is acknowledged, valued and applauded.

“We wish Simon and Terry every success in their new positions.

“Importantly, we also recognise that they leave AusCham in a stronger position than when they joined. Critically, we have now commenced a process where both the Hanoi and HCMC Boards will recommend to our respective memberships at the next Annual General Meetings that the two Boards be merged to form a single, united National Board. This will increase our leverage from one end of Vietnam to the other – as well as our leverage into Asia where we have access to an extensive regional network of Australian business chambers.”

AusCham’s Hanoi Chairman, David Whitehead also said “Simon will be sadly missed at AusCham, but on behalf of the Hanoi Board, I wish him and his family the best of luck with their move back to Australia and I thank him for his contribution to the ongoing success of Auscham in Vietnam.”

National Executive Director, Phil Johns confirmed that the 2014 Annual General Meetings for Hanoi and Saigon will be held simultaneously on Wednesday, 26 March.

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