Services at and access to the Long Tan Cross are subject to Vietnamese Government approval. The Australian Consulate-General has sought approval to conduct an Anzac Day dawn service at 0515 hours on Friday 25 April 2014. All visitors should note that they will require permission to access the site. It is suggested attendees bring a torchlight and, in the event of rain, an umbrella. Information on arrangements for visiting the Long Tan Cross site and obtaining permission is available at the following website: In recognition of local sensitivities visitors should conduct themselves with appropriate decorum. Continued approval for ceremonies of this nature by local authorities is also on the condition that no medals or uniforms are worn.

For all visitors, please register with local authority of Dat Do district People’s Committee at:
Fax number: +84 64 3688 245 (from outside Vietnam)
064 3688 245 (from inside Vietnam)

Buses shall also leave from Vung Tau to the Long Tan Cross. Cost is $5 return and includes all paperwork.