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In the previous Risk Alert: Major Disruptions Caused by New Variant of Ransom-ware, Aon gave an overview of what Aon knew about the global cyber-attack that shook the world.

As learn more about the attack, Aon considers key security and coverage lessons to respond to WannaCry and prepare for the next attack. Read the latest Client Alert to find out how you can ensure that the next “WannaCry” will not catch you unaware.

Some information regarding WannaCry in Vietnam for your reference:

–       Vietnam is in the top 20 countries with highest number of computers hit by WannaCry;

–       According to BKAV, over 1,900 computers in Vietnam was hit by WannaCry, among which, there are 1,600 computers from 243 companies/ organisations and around 300 personal computers;

–       52% computers in Vietnam have its security system patched to prevent WannaCry.



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