Weekly Bullet Points from the Executive Director, Phil Johns [23 April 2015]

Dear Members and Friends

  • Saturday marks the 100th anniversary of the beach landings at Gallipoli in 1915. ANZAC Dawn Services will be held in Hanoi, HCMC and at the Long Tan Cross. Tonight, an ANZAC Music Festival will be held in HCMC. On Saturday, the Vietnam Swans will host the 6th Annual ANZAC Friendship Match in Vung Tau. Click here for times, details and links for all events.
  • Last Friday, the 2nd Annual ANZAC Great Debate was held in HCMC – and was won by the Kiwis!! In the process, VND 23.8million (approx. USD1,100) was raised for the Loreto Program. At the same time, underlining the fact that we are a national business chamber, in Hoi An, 30 people attended AusCham’s business seminar on property ownership and visas for foreigners.
  • Australia’s Ambassador to ASEAN, Simon Merriweather will speak at an AusCham breakfast on 8 May re AEC and other matters. This event is limited to just 15 people. Click here.
  • AusCham is now a voting member on the VBF (Vietnam Business Forum), representing all 11 Associate Members on the VBF. AusCham’s Vice President, Giles Cooper, is the actual person who will sit on the VBF. Click here.
  • AusCham has commenced selling tickets and sponsorships for the Urban Development of HCMC half day symposium on 15 May. Click here.

AusCham’s e-newsletter  will come back on 7 May, after the long public holiday.