New Law on Press

The National Assembly passed the new Law on Press on 5 April 2016. Notable points of the new law are below.

  • Press organizations and reporters are obliged to keep confidential the identity of their source unless there is a written request from the Prosecutor General of the People’s Procuracy and the Chief Judge of the People’s Court at the provincial level or above requiring disclosure for the purpose of investigating and prosecuting very serious and exceptional serious offences.
  • Press organizations and reporters are prohibited from reporting on news that aim to conclude any criminal offence without final judgement of a competent court – this aims to prevent trial by media.

The Law on Press takes effect from 1 January 2017.


Circular on Gas Business

The Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Circular 03/2016/TT-BCT on 10 May 2016 implementing the Government decree on gas business. The key provisions are

  • Circular 03 regulates the content of a LPG gas agency agreement for the retail supply of LPG gas.
  • A producer or processor o LPG/LNG gas which exports or imports LPG/LNG for such purpose must obtain a license from the MOIT.
  • An enterprise carrying on the bottling of LPG gas, the transportation of LPG/LNG/CNG gas, agency for the distribution of LPG/LNG gas must obtain a certificate of satisfaction of conditions to conduct suchactivity. The certificate is issued by the local department of industry and trade.

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