Government Loans

Sub-lending to enterprises

Decree 97/2018/ND-CP (“Decree 97”) dated 30 June 2018 of the Government on sub-lending of ODA funds and external concessional loan of the Government, provides that enterprises are now permitted to be recipients of sub-lending from ODA loans. Qualified enterprises are those that have:

• operated for more than 3 years;
• an investment certificate issued for a qualified investment project;
• a feasible financial plan approved by competent authority;
• debt-to-equity portion exceed 3 times based on latest financials;
• no overdue debt;
• security in place to secure loan repayment obligations.

Maximum loan is 70% of the total investment capital for the project. Decree 97 comes into effect on 1 July 2018.



The State Bank of Vietnam (“SBV”) issued Decision No. 1417/QĐ-NHNN dated 9 July 2018 approving the plans on reduction and simplification of business conditions in the management scope of the SBV (“Decision 1417”).

In particular, Decision 1417 has reduced and simplified conditions on issuance of incorporation license for commercial joint stock banks, local branches of commercial banks, jointstock banks, 100% foreign-owned banks in Vietnam and branches of foreign banks in Vietnam.

Decision 1417 also contains a list of legal documents regarding banking activities which have been amended and supplemented.

This Decision takes effect from 9 July 2018.

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