Weekly Update from the Executive Director, Michael Roberts [9 August 2018]

Dear Members and Friends,

The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam is a not for profit NGO that maintains its operations in this country through the support of sponsors, members and activities such as our networking events, business briefings and symposia. Our organisation receives no funds whatsoever from the Australian Government, which is a fairly commonly held misconception amongst onlookers, and we need to ensure that we keep reinforcing the message that we are very much independent of Government. Though not a  large organisation in size relative to say the American Chamber or the European Chamber, AusCham punches well above its weight. We are looking to expand our already significant participation on the powerful Vietnam Business Forum, which is largely due to the hard work and time generous support of AusCham Directors. In the coming year we will increase our activities with more business briefings, and symposia focused on our major membership sectors, providing further benefit to our members who are of course the lifeblood of our existence.

Sponsors also provide invaluable support to AusCham, and as time goes by and the competition for sponsorship funding increases, this very important element  of our income becomes much harder to source. Sometimes it is difficult to explain the “return on investment” to a sponsor, because so much of what happens within the Chamber’s activities occur at a macro level. There’s no doubt however that without  their support the services that we are currently able to provide to our members would diminish, so we are truly indebted to their support and generosity.

Michael Roberts
Executive Director

Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam

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