Weekly Update from the Executive Director, Michael Roberts [16 August 2018]

Dear Members and Friends,

The membership of our Chamber is a very diverse group of organisations and individuals, ranging from large multinationals through to small companies with a very niche interest in the Vietnamese economy. Interestingly we have an increasing number of businesses that are Vietnamese owned and operated who are looking to connect with Australian businesses operating in Vietnam, or expand their operation into Australia, and we are helping them to achieve that through a network of AusCham representatives in key Australian markets.

Over the past few weeks I have met a number of extremely dedicated people working with charities in Vietnam who are AusCham members, some of which are Australian based, and to witness what they are achieving is a very humbling experience. As an organisation that relies partly on the generosity and goodwill of other organisations to support us, relying completely on that source of income is a daunting proposition. In the case of one charity I met they deliver 100% of monies received to charitable causes; it is run by volunteers and it is very active. There are organisations with a relatively high profile in Vietnam like KOTO, which is an amazing institution with countless success stories of how underprivileged young people have been taken in and taught new skills, and there are others that don’t have quite the same profile but can offer equally inspiring examples of how they assist Vietnamese people, young and old, every day. Over the next few weeks we will introduce you to them.

As I said there are membership categories of AusCham that fit a diverse range of businesses, large and small, as well as categories for NGO’s, individuals and alumni. If you have considered joining the Chamber but have been unsure about where your business might fit, please follow the link below for more information, or email office@auschamvn.org.


Michael Roberts
Executive Director

Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam

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