Thank you for visiting our information page of the AusCham National Annual General Meeting this upcoming 26th March 2014.

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1/ Full details of all the forms:

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In alphabetical order (surname) the 6 nominees for 4 vacancies in Hanoi are:

1. Giles Cooper
2. Michael Johnston
3. Adam McDonald
4. Stephanie Ralainarivo
5. David Whitehead
6. Chris Vella



In alphabetical order (surname), the 10 nominees for 8 vacancies HCMC are:

1. Chris Butler
2. Shane Dillon
3. Carl Gay
4. Tran ThiThuy Ha
6. Greg Ohan
7. Khoa Pham
8. Brian O’Reilly
9. Jamie Rossall
10. Chau Ta


1. Chapter Chairman’s Report regarding the activities of the Chapter since the last AGM

2. Chapter Chairman’s Report regarding proposed activities for the coming year

3. Chapter Treasurer’s Report regarding the financial position for the year ended 31 December 2013 and proposed budget for year ended 31 December 2014

4. To vote on a motion put forward by the HCMC and Hanoi Chapters formally recommending to the membership that the two city chapters be managed by a single National Board to be elected jointly by the membership as a whole. Voting to adopt the amended charter – to be made available by Wednesday 5 March – will codify this recommendation.

5. To elect a National Board if the motion outlined above in Agenda Item No. 4 is carried. Or, if the motion is defeated, to elect a Hanoi / HCMC Chapter Committee. Irrespective of which election takes place, the Board / Committee members will hold office from this date until 31 March 2014.

6. To appoint an auditor

7. To transact any other business properly brought forward at the AGM

3/ Message from National President

4/ AusCham Board Nominees 2014


Name CompanyTitle  Profiles 
1 11Giles Cooper Duane Morris VietnamPartner I have been an AusCham board member for six years focusing on legal advocacy in areas including labor and work permit laws, enterprise law reform, mining services and market access. I bring with me 14 years experience working as a lawyer in Vietnam helping foreign investors navigate the increasingly complex business environment. I seek election to the proposed unified National Board which will more effectively focus and implement AusCham’s advocacy initiatives for the benefit of members nationwide.
2 12Michael Johnston 



Business Development Director

During the past 10 years in Viet Nam, I have:- Been a member of AusCham Hanoi Chapter Committee since 2010;

– Been Treasurer of Hanoi Chapter since 2011;

– Managed travel companies;

Facilitated corporate training and quality certification accreditation programmes;

– Established a loofah company;

– Gained an understanding of Vietnamese Labour Code; and

Enjoyed socializing with business colleagues at events conducted in conjunction with other Chambers of Commerce.

3 13Adam McDonald


InterContinental Hanoi Westlake 


General Manager

 My name is Adam McDonald General Manager of InterContinental Hanoi Westlake. I have lived in Hanoi for three years and Asia for six. The hospitality sector is focused on listening to the customer and catering their service to meet these needs. Through my role I network daily with many visitors and residents of Hanoi. This gives me a great ability to share these experiences with the board to drive the support and direction of Auscham
4 14Stephanie Ralainarivo Santa Fe Relocation Services General Manager I have worked on the Board of Auscham for past year. 

I am passionate about Vietnam helping newcomers arrive as well as assisting them when it is time to leave. I have lived in Hanoi for 20 years and welcoming new people and helping them with the transition is a passion. I seek for your support to represent you as a Director of Auscham in Hanoi for 2014.

5 Chris Vella Alfresco’s GroupAssistant Northern Manager My hospitality background in Chi Linh Star Golf & Country Club and Al Fresco Group allows me to talk to all levels of the business & social groups, expats and Vietnamese; I think I can contribute as an Auscham board member to help promote and grow the organisation.I have seen the efforts that Auscham have achieved over the last 6 years while working with The Al Frescos Group, and I believe there is still substantial room for Auscham to make further impact on the Business Community in Vietnam.
6 16David Whitehead


Allied Pickfords Vietnam 

Country Manager


Austfeed Vietnam

Chairman of the Board

I am David Whitehead. I have been Chairman of Auscham Hanoi for the last two years (and Vice-President of AusCham Vietnam) and I was an Auscham Director prior to that. I am passionate about Australia and Australians in Vietnam. I have two companies in Vietnam both AusChammembers, and I have lived and worked in this country for 9 years. I am active in the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) particularly in Anti-corruption and Agribusiness. I wish to be a Director of Auscham Vietnam (Hanoi) for 2014 and I seek your vote.


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