You will recall on 31 October 2016, AusCham and the Department of Foreign Affairs for Provinces (DFAP) signed a Memorandum of Understanding which was designed to “greatly enhance the access of AusCham’s Members to opportunities in each of Vietnam’s 63 provinces (not just Hanoi and HCMC) and vice versa” (click here for original article).

MOU Signing

The signing of the MOU in Hanoi on 31 October 2016 between AusCham and the Department of foreign Affairs for Provinces.

AusCham is delighted to provide an update that several of our members are now actively exploring opportunities in the provinces – and the support and active assistance of the DFAP has been outstanding. Quick. Responsive. Extremely helpful.

The enquiries so far from members have included the sourcing specific products, professional services and the building of a factory.

Should your business be exploring opportunities in areas outside of HCMC and Hanoi?

A sample of opportunities in various provinces

If you are a member of AusCham and require further information, please contact our Executive Director at