Auscham’s monthly breakfast “coffee” presentation, in collaboration with LIN Center, providing members an opportunity to discuss and present topics relevant to other members and the greater community, in a casual and engaging environment. Proceeds will be used by LIN Center to assist NGO’s in Vietnam.

MAY’S TOPIC: Reinventing businesses in these unknown times: what business owners have done to adapt and prosper

Covid-19 has forced many businesses to reassess their operations and business models. From changes to address Social Distancing through to identifying underserved sectors, some businesses are coming through stronger – or at least smarter. With the changes the world is facing, the impact which may be long term, this AusCham seeks to hear insights into what businesses have done in Vietnam to adapt, and the lessons that they can share.”

Moderator: Matthew Lourey, Former AusCham President, Managing Partner, Domicile Corporate Services