At its meeting on 14 April 2015, the AusCham Board resolved to make permanent the positions of:

  • AusCham Representative (Danang); and
  • AusCham Representative (Hoi An)

The Board also resolved to make the following appointments to these positions:

  • Mr Quentin Derrick – AusCham Representative (Danang); and
  • Mr Michael Johnston – AusCham Representative (Hoi An)

The Board resolved that these positions shall be filled by Representatives, appointed by the Board, until the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) unless one or both parties decide to terminate earlier. At the next AGM, there will be a spill of positions.

It shall be at the discretion of the newly elected Board to then appoint the best two candidates to the representative positions for Danang and Hoi An for the following 12 months.

The Board sincerely thanks Mr Derrick and Mr Johnston for representing AusCham on the ground in Danang and Hoi An in 2015/16.

Their support is critical for the development of AusCham and becoming a genuinely national business chamber of commerce.

Photo above: Left, Quentin Derrick. Right, Michael Johnston.