Last night, AusCham’s members took to the Saigon River aboard Tau Saigon (‘Boat Saigon’) for a very special Sundowners watching the sun set.

Tau Saigon departed from District 2 at 5.10pm.

Literally, within minutes, the urban landscape had disappeared and we felt we were many miles from everywhere. For the next two hours, we talked business, talked AusCham and socialised over a drink and a canape.

It was an amazing way to network with fellow Auscham Members while marvelling at this incredible city called Saigon – from the wilderness!

If you think it’s weird being in complete wilderness so close to the centre of a city – any city – you’re not alone.  Last week, AusCham published a recent article by Dezan Shira & Associates on this website which examined just “how close Vietnam’s tallest skyscraper is to utterly empty fields”. It concluded that this is “surely, a phenomenon that will not be around, perhaps anywhere in our world, in 10 years or less”.

AusCham and our very happy members sincerely thank Tau Saigon for such a wonderful evening.

The ABC of Business: AusCham Builds & Connects!

Photos of last night’s AusCham Tour on Tau Saigon

About Tau Saigon

Tau Saigon provides amazing river tours on the Saigon River. Tau Saigon may be rented for birthday parties, wedding parties, business events or just for an escape with family and friends.

Tau Saigon can take you to the central business district or (as per last night’s tour with AusCham) to the small rivers surrounded by palm trees and forests that you never knew existed, next to the centre of Saigon.

For more information on Tau Saigon, click here.

Tau Saigon 2