In Vietnam, the Ministry of Health estimates that 10 children drown per day. This figure is higher than the number of children being killed in road accidents.

Back in 2014, as part of our charity program, AusCham raised $12,000 for Swim Vietnam. Swim Vietnam is a charity based in Hoi An which provides free swimming and water safety lessons to children and trains local adults as swimming teachers.

Yesterday, AusCham’s Executive Director, Phil Johns, together with Rowan Luke from the Commonwealth Bank (Bronze Sponsor of AusCham) met with Swim Vietnam’s Mr Trung Doan Minh in Hoi An.

Mr Trung took Phil and Rowan to three of Swim Vietnam’s seven centres in and around Hoi An. Swimming programs were running in all centres which train approximately 700 children per annum to the level where they can swim 25 metres and tread water for two minutes.

So far, more than 10,000 kids have undertaken the program. This year, another 4,000 are expected to complete the course.

At each of the three centres visited, the amount of energy and excitement was incredible. The kids were so excited to be learning to swim. The instructors were focussed and professional. The buoyant mood facilitated the learning and replaced any fear of the water with measured confidence.

AusCham congratulates Swim Vietnam on the amazing work it is doing in central Vietnam. Swim Vietnam’s work is not only saving young lives but, judging from the positive energy in each of the swimming pools, it is also enriching young lives.

Further information

Recent drownings of children reported in Thanh Nien News

Special thanks to Hoi An River Beach Resort

AusCham would like to thank AusCham Member, Hoi An River Beach Resort & Residences for providing accommodation for our Executive Director while he was in Hoi An.

Mr Trung and Rowan Luke.

Mr Trung and Rowan Luke at the swimming pool that was purchased with funds raised by AusCham in 2014.



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