Are you a factory (business) owner or factory manager feeling unloved by your business chamber?

Would you like to visit another factory (business) and speak with the owner about the way that they have set up their factory – and the way they run their business?

Business owners tend to be very passionate and very proud of their businesses. Often, they’re also very hungry to pick up new ideas and share information – but in the industrial parks distance (time) is often the enemy in getting out and mixing with others of like mind.

AusCham would like to try and support these business/factory owners.

Accordingly, AusCham is inviting factories across Vietnam to open their doors to other factory owners. This initiative is about broadening personal networks, sharing information and sharing ideas with a segment that finds it difficult to get to a business chamber’s typical luncheon in the city centre.


  • A factory owner, at all times, retains the right to refuse entry to any person at any time.
  • Factory owners would be presented with relevant details of any prospective visitor. Details would include name, company, position, industry and reason for wanting to visit.
  • Factory owners, whether member or non member, are invited to open their factories.
  • AusCham’s members would be eligible to request a tour of a factory.
  • Non members, except for those who have opened their own factories for tours, would not be eligible to join the tour.

Registering your interest

If you would like to register your interest in:

  • Opening your factory for a tour
  • Joining a tour

or you have a suggestion, then please email AusCham’s Executive Director, Phil Johns, with relevant details.

And, if there is a particular factory that you would like to visit, let us know. It might be possible for AusCham to approach the factory on your behalf.


This week, AusCham is organising a tour of one factory in Cat Lai (HCMC) for two other business owners.