AusCham has held its Annual General Meeting 2018 tonight and is very pleased to confirm that the following candidates have been successfully elected to the Board (please note, directors’ names appear in the order that they were listed on the ballot paper):


  1. Mr Giles Cooper
  2. Mr Phillip Dowler
  3. Ms Tori Dixon-Whittle
  4. Mr David Whitehead


  1. Ms Cecilia Tran Dang
  2. Mr Brian O’Reilly
  3. Mr Minh Duong
  4. Dr Rod Crouch
  5. Mr Greg Ohan
  6. Mr Robert King
  7. Mr Matthew Lourey
  8. Ms Chau Ta

AusCham thanks all candidates who put up their hands for the 2018 election. Your willingness and interest to serve on Auscham’s Board as a volunteer, most definitely, is never taken for granted.

We trust that all candidates will continue to be actively interested in helping our members and AusCham grow to the next level.

Office Bearers

The Executive Director will now call for nominations from the Directors for the position of President. Nominations will close at 5pm, Vietnam time, on Wednesday 28 March 2018. If more than one nomination is received, an election by Directors will be called with the deadline of 5pm on Thursday 29 March 2018.

The other positions of Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary will be voted for by the Board after the President has been named.


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