It all happens this weekend on Sunday, 29 March when Australia takes on New Zealand at the MCG for the final of the World Cup. As a wise man from the bush once said, “Thanks for coming, New Zealand”.

One thing about our Kiwi Cousins, it must be said, is that they are tenacious. Notwithstanding Sunday’s inevitable soul-searching experience, they will pad up again in just three weeks’ time. This time against the Australians in the 2nd Annual Great ANZAC Debate on Friday 17 April at the Caravelle Saigon.

Awkwardly, unfortunately and uncomfortably, our Kiwi Cousins are actually reigning champions…

Possible topics for this year’s controversial debate are still being argued by the two teams but they include:

  1. There is essentially no difference whatsoever between New Zealanders and Australians.
  2. Priscilla (Queen of the Desert) and Jake the Muss are but two sides of the same coin.
  3. Rugby Union is a ridiculous game which is essentially irrelevant and unimportant.
  4. The single greatest asset which New Zealand possesses is its inferiority complex.
  5. Was there ever anything so absurd, as a twelve inch, long-beaked, flightless bird?
  6. Better to be a noxious pest that can jump and fight, than a small and defenceless bird that cannot fly.
  7. New Zealanders revere their coat of arms, while Australians eat theirs, and that says it all.
  8. In the real world, New Zealanders are the hobbits and Australians are the elves.
  9. Trevor Chappell’s underarm ball did not constitute bad sportsmanship, and it was the right thing to do.
  10. Aussies and Kiwis are very much the same, because deep down they all really wish they were English.
  11. New Zealand should become a state of Australia.
  12. Australia should be renamed the West Island

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Calendar, April 2015