[Reuters, 20 May 2015.] Reuters is reporting that Australia (will) maintain cattle sales to Vietnam despite slaughter scandal.

An edited extract of the article written by Colin Packham appears below. The original article may be seen by clicking here.

Australia will investigate claims by an animal rights group that cattle in Vietnam are being slaughtered with sledgehammers but it will not suspend live cattle exports to that country, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Wednesday…

Abbott (said in Brisbane), “We will carefully investigate any allegations. If there’s anything in them, we will take appropriate action but the last thing we’ll do is close down this trade”.

Shipments to Indonesia were halted for a month in 2011 after footage emerged of cruelty to animals there, at huge cost to the industry. Australian Agricultural Company, the country’s biggest beef producer, said the suspension cost it about USD39.6 million.

Sales of Australian live cattle to Vietnam jumped more than 700 percent between 2008 and 2014, industry body Meat and Livestock Australia said.

According to Australian government forecasts, live cattle exports to Vietnam are expected to be worth approx USD93 million (A$117 million) in the coming season from July 31, second only to sales to Indonesia, which will be worth a forecast USD436 million (A$549 million).

Australia’s cattle industry condemned the actions seen in the footage.

Alison Penfold, chief executive officer of the Australian Live Exporters Council said that, “This latest report captures our worst fears for welfare – that Australian cattle have been illegally removed from our supply chains for quick-buck processing in non-approved slaughterhouses in northern Vietnam”.




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