Vietnam Net Bridge, 11 July 2015. Australia to continue to give development aid to Vietnam.

The original article has been reproduced below.

Australia has confirmed it will provide Viet Nam about A$90 million (US$66.8 million) of aid in fiscal 2015.

The country released its decision after a biennial high-level consultation on development co-operation between Australia and Viet Nam in Ha Noi yesterday, July 9.

“We strongly welcome Australia’s continued support,” said Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung.

In the next five years, Australian ODA will focus on three particular areas: building a stronger private sector to create more jobs and higher wages, building and employing a highly skilled workforce and promoting Vietnamese women’s economic empowerment.

Those three areas were deemed priorities in the Australian assistance plan to Viet Nam.

“We (Australia and Viet Nam) will develop an economic partnership to transform our development relationship from a donor and recipient to a much more mature economic partnership. Our programme for the next five years that we discussed today (Thursday) is very much designed to it,” said Craig Chittick, head of the Australian delegation.

The governments also recognised that the funding must be used effectively, considering a series of bribery scandals involving ODA funds in Viet Nam.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Chi Dung said the Government would raise awareness and responsibility about the use of ODA funding, as well as develop tighter regulations and monitor the funds with the help of the media and public.

“The effectiveness is very important to us,” Australian Ambassador Hugh Borrowman said. “We are going to demonstrate to the Australian taxpayers that the aid is used in the most effective manner. So from this very outset of our designed programme, we will work hard with the Vietnamese agency to make sure that it is going to be effective, timely and efficient.”



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