Vietnam Net Bridge, 22 May 2015. In an article titled, Doors to large markets open for Vietnam’s farm produce, Australia will commence importing Vietnamese lychees (litchis) – and possibly mangoes and dragon fruit.

An edited extract of the article appears below.

Throwing farm produce away and seeing fruit getting stuck at the border gates because of lack of sales is the nightmare that Vietnamese farmers and exporters have suffered for many years. However, that will end as some big importers have agreed to open their doors to Vietnam’s fruit.

Tuoi Tre newspaper has quoted the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) as saying that the Australian Ministry of Agriculture has approved the import of litchis from Vietnam.

Vietnamese farmers are preparing to harvest their 2015 litchi crops, from the third week of May to mid-July.

Vietnam’s fresh litchis will be allowed to be carried to Australia by air and by sea, where they will receive thorough examination before distribution throughout Australia.

After 12 years of negotiations, Vietnam now can export fresh litchis to Australia…

Professor Vo Tong Xuan, a renowned agriculture expert, said the US and Australia’s acceptance of Vietnam’s litchis will bring golden opportunities  to export other fruit and ease reliance on China as a large export market…

However, Xuan warned that Vietnam needs to follow a well-organized action plan to take full advantage of the opportunities to boost exports to the US and Australia…

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Vietnam hopes it can obtain permission to export mango and star apple to the US, while Australia, besides litchi, may also accept mango and dragon fruit.


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