When we think of “Australian Alumni”, we tend to think of fresh graduates from Australian Universities. But the Alumni also come from institutions offering Australian qualifications in Vietnam – such as RMIT University Vietnam (a Titanium Sponsor of AusCham).

And these Australian Alumni have been returning to Vietnam for the past 40 years. That means there’s a lot of Senior Alumni who are now in some of the highest positions in business and government.

As a Business Chamber, AusCham is now shining the spotlight on the Australian Business Alumni in Vietnam. We aim to raise their visibility and profile, help them find jobs – and to celebrate their achievements.

To facilitate this objective, AusCham is delighted to launch two additional and dedicated pages on our AusCham website; namely, Alumni Jobs and Alumni Business. Both can be found on the drop down menu under “News” which is at the top of the home page.

Alumni Jobs

For any member who is looking to recruit an Australian Alumni, AusCham will post the position description on the Alumni Jobs page. Free of charge.

Alumni Business

Many Australian Business Alumni are doing some amazing things in the world of business.

This page is about business – but business that is being done by Australian Business Alumni. It might be a significant appointment, merger, business topic – or anything that you might read about in the Vietnam Investment Review. The difference is that we will be highlighting the Australian Business Alumni connection in the story.

But we’re going to need your help to share the information with us so that we can share the information more widely. Accordingly, please forward details of Alumni Jobs and Alumni Business to AusCham with details of:

  • Any positions where the member is interested in recruiting an Australian Business Alumni; and
  • Business news that involves Australian Business Alumni
Alumni - Jobs and Business News

Alumni – Jobs and Business News