Fresh Plaza, 16 September 2015. Market impact key for Australia’s exporters.

An edited extract of the original article is reproduced below.

Market impact is “key” for Australia’s success at exporting fresh produce, and making the most of the recent Free Trade Agreements signed with China, Korea and Japan, and re-entry to the Vietnamese market, according to Cherry Growers Australia, CEO Simon Boughey…

The reopening of Vietnam to table grapes and citrus, with cherries next in line, bodes well too, Mr Boughey confirms. “Vietnam was a really good market for us. Cherries, apples and stonefruit should be allowed in next but we haven’t yet seen information on what might be required. We’re just keen to get our fruit in there.”

Counterfeit labeling and boxes , where fruit is passed off as Australian remains a problem in Asia and the Middle East, Mr Boughey, says. “Most of our growers have direct relationships with importers, but it’s an issue we need to be aware of.”

The main way growers can protect their brands is to educate importers and consumers, and create awareness of when to expect seasonal fruit from Australia, he adds…

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