e27, 9 July 2015. Entrepreneur Trung Le wants to close Vietnam’s gender gap in tech, by Michael de Waal-Montgomery.

An edited extract of the original article appears below.

While there are challenges ahead, gender equality is taking steps forward in Vietnam and people such as Le are helping the mission.

Trung Le wants to see more women in Vietnam’s tech ecosystem.

The Vietnamese developer and Envato Founder (with five million users globally), who spends most of his time running the startup out of Australia, was behind Vietnam’s recently held two-day event RailsGirls that offered free Ruby on Rails training — with a focus on encouraging women to enter the space.

The event saw 40 attendees and pulled together five mentors from local firms to lend a helping hand.

“The idea is to encourage women in general to control their career as a programmer, and at the same time we teach them how to build product,” he told e27 in an interview. “This is an initial step and we want to take it further. Entrepreneurship [events] could come in the future.”

His involvement in the country’s tech and startup ecosystem actually goes back to at least 2012 when he founded the Vietnam Ruby Group for local developers. The group now claims more than 1,800 members and has been involved in projects such as the Vietnamese version of Ruby Land, and Ruby Meetup Events in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi…

A lack of events and workshops catered towards helping women in tech has allowed people such as Le to jump in and work towards changing that. It also opens up the opportunity for discussion on the topic from a social perspective, and the evolution of women’s roles both at home and work in Vietnam.

Why shouldn’t a young woman in the country want to be a developer in 2015?…

While there are challenges ahead, gender equality is taking steps forward in Vietnam. The younger generation is helping to change that, and perhaps unsurprisingly so is the emerging startup ecosystem, which is full of forward-thinking young (and old) minds.

I certainly wish him all the best and hope he can inspire a few others along the way.



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