Australia has a worldwide reputation for producing clean, green and safe fruits, nuts and vegetables with high quality in the world. Australia is also well-known internationally for its high standards in food safety and quality assurance systems.

Vietnamese consumers can enjoy a variety of grapes, both seedless and with seeds, such as Adora, Autumn, Cotton Candy, Crimson, Midnight Beauty, Red Globe, Salute, Sweet Nectar, Sweet Sapphire, and Thompson at their favourite supermarkets and fresh fruit retail stores across the country with over 70 stores in 8 provinces, including:

  • AEON, 4 stores from 14-23 April
  • Big C, 19 stores from 28 April – 7 May
  • Fivimart, 10 stores from 12-25 April
  • K.L.E.V.E., 28 stores from 12-23 April
  • Mega Market, 11 stores from 20 April – 3 May

Each retail chain will offer a two-week special discount for Australian table grapes with product sampling during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) every week from 12 April to 7 May 2017.



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