Source: Investment Update, Vietnam Investment Review, 14 November 2016.

The Vietnam Investment Review is reporting that, as of 20 October 2016, Australia has invested a total of USD1.745 billion of registered capital across 326 projects.

Leading the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) table is South Korea followed by Japan and Singapore, as per below:

  1. South Korea: USD50.2 billion (5,584 projects)
  2. Japan: USD42 billion (3,229 projects); and
  3. Singapore: USD37.7 billion (1,758 projects).

In terms of FDI into Vietnam from 1 January – 20 October 2016, Australia invested in 27 new projects for a combined amount of USD90.68 million. Expanded capital for the same period was USD 113.6million.

Australia’s rate of investment per project is one third of average

In total, Australia’s average rate of investment per project was USD4.57 million which is one third (34.7 per cent) of the national average of USD13.14 million.

For more statistics on the bilateral trade relationship between Australia and Vietnam, click here.



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