[Photo caption: BCI’s Chief Financial Officer, Peter Rolshoven (pictured far left), who delivered the opening address at the BCI Asia TOP TEN Awards 2015 in HCMC on 22 May.]

Last Friday, 22 May 2015, the prestigious BCI Asia TOP TEN Awards 2015 were held at the InterContinental Hotel in HCMC.

BCI Asia is a 2015 member of AusCham.

he opening speech of BCI’s Chief Financial Officer, Peter Rolshoven has been reproduced below with the kind permission of the BCI Media Group,. 


Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our 11thannual BCI Asia TOP TEN Awards Celebration. I am very honoured to be here today with this select group of leading architects and developers, the 10 largest architects and developers of the last year.

From the program in front of you you can tell that we are striking a somewhat philosophical note tonight – addressing the question, What is a meaningful life?

Matthias Krups, our CEO, just turned 60 this month. It appears these tendencies get stronger with age.

It is a fair statement to say that we live in a hedonic world, a world where the desire to have one’s needs satisfied reigns supreme. In many respects, that’s okay – we all have legitimate needs, and having them filled makes us happy… for a while, at least, until new needs emerge. In essence, it’s the capitalist game where the customer is king.

We in the construction industry are also in the business of fulfilling needs – serving the need for places that provide physical shelter, places to work, to play, to live. As our customers’ needs are met, our expectations and demands rise: a flashier office building, a faster high speed railway line, a bigger house for our family. Some have taken the satisfaction of their hedonic needs to extremes, like Mukesh Ambani in India, who’s lavish 1 billion dollar house in Mumbai with 400,000 feet of floor space for a family of five is a monument to immoderation. – Does a house like that really make you happier, if you are surrounded by thousands living in abject poverty? I doubt it.

Since BCI was started in 1998 the world has become an ever more unequal place, economically. It was recently established that the top 1 per cent of the world’s population owns as much wealth as the remaining 99 per cent together.

Is there really no other way?

Of course we know there is – in theory at least. It’s being fully engaged in life utilising one’s unique strengths, skills and resources in the pursuit of happiness that lies beyond the self, the pursuit of the common good. But don’t take my word for it – just go back to the Greek philosophers 2,400 years ago who called this other form of happiness “eudemonia”– doing what you’re good at in the service of common virtue.

Speaking for BCI, we have found our own interpretation of eudemonia: we want to use our strengths as one of the world’s best real-time research organisations to benefit the building industry. What drives us at BCI every day is the love for what we do. We are energised by how our work benefits the project outcomes of our information partners, how it increases the economic success of our clients and how it enhances the efficiency of the construction market. This is why we continue to increase our financial commitment to our research effort year after year. The result of this commitment is most obviously evidenced in our project reports output; this fiscal year we are increasing the number of reports by 25 per cent.

The most obvious place where we try to serve the common good is our Fairbuilding Network Initiative – designed to assist the poor that have no voice of their own within the building market. We launched this not-for-profit online information platform for projects benefitting the poor in the Philippines almost a year ago. 12 months on, and there are now seven large and small NGOs using the system as social building developers, and well over 200 firms from the building industry willing to go the extra mile to service these NGOs and the thousands they help find a home.

Ladies and gentlemen, once a year we celebrate our collaboration with the leading architects and developers and their impressive achievements in their respective markets. We do so by bestowing BCI’s Top Ten Awards and FuturArc Awards. I welcome you to join us in tonight’s celebrations and in our quest to advocate virtue, responsibility and equity in the building sector.

On behalf of the Team of BCI Asia, thank you all for coming, and hope you will enjoy the evening.


  1. BIM Group
  2. Dat Xanh Real Estate Service and Construction Joint Stock Company
  3. Him Lam Corporation
  4. Hung Thinh Real Estate Business Investment Corporation
  5. Keppel Land Vietnam Company Limited
  6. Novaland Investment Group Corporation
  7. Phu My Hung Development Corporation
  8. Thao Dien Investment Joint Stock Company
  9. Van Phu – Invest Joint Stock Company
  10. Vingroup Joint Stock Company


  1. Alinco Ltd
  2. Archetype Vietnam Ltd
  3. Ardor Architects
  4. CDC – Vietnam Investment Consulting and Construction Designing JSC
  5. DAC – Vietnam Architectural Design and Consultancy Company
  6. DP Consulting Co Ltd
  7. Ho Thieu Tri Architect & Associates
  8. NQH Architects Co Ltd
  9. Sagen Constructive Design Consultancy Joint Stock Company
  10. VNCC – Vietnam National Construction Consultants Corporation

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