Be inspired! Design an inspiring Australian Alumni logo now – and you could win a mystery prize.

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AusCham is keen to raise the profile and visibility of the Australian Alumni and the many amazing things that they are doing across Vietnam – as well as back in Australia and around the world.

Accordingly, as part of that process, we are wanting to have an Australian Alumni logo – and we want you to design it! The two attached logos are teasers to get your creative juices flowing…

As you play around with design ideas, below is a criteria that you should consider:

  • The logo should have a “business” element. While Australian Alumni operate in all fields, being a business chamber, AusCham’s focus is on those Alumni with a business interest
  • Australian Alumni are uniquely positioned to facilitate business between Australians and Vietnamese

Please note that this logo is NOT replacing AusCham’s existing corporate logo. The proposed logo is designed to highlight Australian Alumni in business.


The deadline is Friday, 20 March 2015 (so you can enjoy the TET festivities while thinking about how you might design the perfect logo).

Submissions should be emailed to Ms Nhien in our HCMC office.

Mystery prize

Currently, the prize is a mystery. Not even AusCham knows…

But, we know that the winner will receive a decent prize and this will be revealed well before the competition’s deadline.

If you would like to donate an amazing prize, please email Ms Nhien from the HCMC office.

Fast Fact Check

Q. Do any Australian Alumni sit on the current AusCham National Board?
A. Yes. There are two Aussie Alumni on the Board; namely,

  • Ms Tran Thi Thuy Ha (Queensland Uni of Technology) (Head of Alternative Distribution, Retail Banking, ANZ Limited, HCMC)
  • Ms Chau Ta (Sydney Uni) (Legal Counsel – Transactions, SC Capital Partners, HCMC)

Further, excluding AusCham’s ED, three of our six permanent staff are Australian Alumni.

Good luck with your designs for the Aussie Alumni logo competition!

*** This article was also published on AusCham’s Welcome Back Aussie Alumni website.