On 9 June 2015, AusCham’s Board introduced a formal policy which sets a process to determine the order of candidates’ names on ballot sheets at AusCham’s Annual General Meetings.

The process is as follows:

  • Candidates’ names will be drawn from a hat
  • Candidates’ names will appear on the ballot sheet in the order that they are drawn; ie, the first name drawn from the hat will appear first on the ballot sheet and so on
  • For directors seeking re-election, this information will be made clear to voters on the ballot paper
  • For office bearers seeking re-election to the Board, this information shall also be made clear to voters on the ballot paper
  • The person drawing the names from the hat shall be independent

This policy will remain in place until such time that the Board deems a review to be appropriate.

The intention of the policy is to create a clear and transparent process for candidates and members.

The reasoning behind declaring on the ballot paper the identity of the directors, including office bearers, seeking re-election is to promote accountability through transparency.

Voters need to know who identity of the directors from the previous board when they are voting. If the voters perceive the Board has underperformed, they can vote accordingly. If voters perceived the Board has done a very good job, they can vote accordingly.