I hate selling myself. So here are two brief points about me and my work. In out, no one gets hurt.I love working with kids aged 0 to 6 years. They possess honesty, wit and resilience seldom found in others older. Loved it so much I dedicated close to 20 years to this incredible profession. The only reason I hit ‘pause’ (which later became ‘stop’) on this, was to move to Vietnam with my then boyfriend.
Through “I teach, therefore I drink”, I have re-entered the “business, sales, marketing, talking financials” world in building RADA to be the Australian Wine Specialist in Vietnam – not that I can remember anything from Business School in 1991!
Currently tapping on my skills in creating individualised programs as a teacher, and adapting this to fashion specialised business plans for RADA whilst engineering a direct sales platform to build the awareness and relevancy of our brand throughout Vietnam.