Aaron Funnell

Director, Hanoi based

Outward Bound Vietnam

Aaron Funnell is Executive Director of Outward Bound Vietnam and has been working across Asia since 2003. Originally from Sydney, he has been based in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and most recently in Vietnam since 2017. In addition to outdoor qualifications, he has an MBA, a Masters of Education, and a Diploma of Training and Assessment.

Aaron also serves as a member of the Association for Experiential Education Accreditation Council USA, which sets standards for outdoor education in North America, and the Global Research Advisory Committee for Outward Bound International. He has convened several educational conferences and produced impact reports for various charities and social enterprises he has been connected with.

Aaron joined Auscham to gain local business intelligence and as a platform for engaging in ongoing professional development, and these are the areas he hopes to dive into further by serving on the Auscham board.