Tuoi Tre News, 7 August 2015. Businesses in Vietnam invited to host Australian interns.

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Businesses in Vietnam are now invited to join an internship network which will help them access a source of talented young students from universities across Australia, the Australian Embassy in Hanoi said on Thursday.

Firms and organizations in Vietnam, as well as those across the Indo-Pacific region, are encouraged to participate in the New Colombo Plan Internship and Mentorship Network, recently launched by Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop, the embassy said in a press release.

The network is a key part of the New Colombo Plan, a signature initiative of the Australian government which aims to increase the number of Australians studying part of their degree in the region to “deepen their knowledge and understanding of Asia and build people-to-people ties,” according to the document.

The network is also intended to “connect Australian universities and students with businesses and organizations across the region.”

Companies and organizations operating in Vietnam can “tap into a diverse talent pool of young Australian university students” by registering to be a network member, the Australian embassy said.

Businesses can register their interest in offering work placements to New Colombo Plan students studying in the region on the network website, from which universities and New Colombo Plan students can also access opportunities offered by registered organizations.

“The internships will help young Australians better understand Vietnam, as well as further deepen economic and trade ties, institutional partnerships and people-to-people links between our two countries,” Australian Ambassador to Vietnam Hugh Borrowman said.

Potential host organizations in Vietnam are invited to visit the New Colombo Plan business site for more information and register their interest in providing internship and mentorship opportunities for New Colombo Plan students.

Vietnam joined the New Colombo Plan this year, and over 160 Australian undergraduates have already studied in the country under the plan so far.


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