2016 Biking for the Environment-ok

In a show of support for this year’s World Environment Day, on the morning of 5th June, Caravelle’s senior management and department heads together with 100 associates and friends set off to pedal along Vo Van Kiet street to raise awareness in environmental protection.

At least 100 bikers wearing green caps and Caravelle Saigon polo shirts sped off on Sunday morning along the Ben Nghe – Tau Hu – Lo Gom channel which has recently been renovated, cleaned and replanted by the city’s authorities. This is also one of the outdoor activities in raising eco-consciousness of the staffs and the community regarding to zero-emission means of transportation. Biking instead of motor biking helps keeping and maintaining a clean environment for future generations.

This is the Caravelle’s fourth year of participation in World Environment Day. In 2012 and again 2015, the hotel organized flash mobs on the steps of the Opera House; 2016 marks another year of Caravelle’s significant effort in keeping Ho Chi Minh City clean and green.

The United Nations Environment Programme founded World Environment Day in 1972 as a vehicle to stimulate worldwide awareness of environmental issues. Today, the event becomes the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action.


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