Every Friday, October

Martinis and Bites-mains

“I like a martini, and third on the glass,
I’m gonna start living, you wait and see,
Nothing but the best is good enough for me.”

When Frank Sinatra was recording “Nothing but the Best”, he clearly had Fridays at Caravelle in mind. Cap off the work week in style this month with our Martinis and Small Bites promotion every Friday at Reflections. Our delectable menu includes exotic fare such as mussels, bacon wrapped figs with bell pepper dip, barbecue braised beef spring rolls, deep sea scallops and more. If Ol’ Blue Eyes crooned about living the good life with martinis in mind, Reflections on Fridays is where you need to be.

Reflections Restaurant – 3rd Floor

For information, please contact 0906 900 523 or email: culinary@caravellehotel.com

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