CBRE Sustainability Team combines regional and local expertise to offer clients practical advice onstrategy and implementation with high service standard at reasonable costs

Vietnam, February 28, 2017–CBRE is pleased to announce the launch of CBRE Sustainability Services in Vietnam.

People and businesses in Asia are becoming more aware of the risks of unsustainable growth: from polluted air and poisoned rivers, to construction waste, energy costs and maintenance. Real estate has a disproportionate impact on the environment through its heavy consumption of resources, use of energy and water, and generation of waste.

Growing awareness of the financial costs of unsustainable growth is prompting governments around the region to take action to control “environmental freeloaders” who earn their profit but leave expensive problems for others to clear up. Some countries have legislated that all new construction must meet certain green standards (such as in Singapore); while others incentivize investors with higher plot ratios for green buildings (such as in Vietnam). Meantime, global occupiers are prioritizing leases in green certified buildings.

However, up to now in Vietnam, investors have embraced sustainability only in a limited way. Perceptions of higher costs, as well as a lack of understanding over the process and requirements may have put some developers off, but given growing competition and greater awareness by end users; now is the time to look more deeply into sustainability.

“All categories of real estate can benefit from sustainability, especially office, industrial and retail,” said Marc Townsend, Managing Director of CBRE Vietnam. “During good times, the owner of a sustainable office building earns higher rent and grows occupancy faster than competing buildings; while in bad times the occupancy and tenant quality performs more resiliently. For industrial property, the situation is different because normally the occupier captures all the sustainability benefits over the period of occupancy. Residential and retail are also beneficiaries. We believe it makes sense to promote these benefits and encourage all investors in property to put sustainability at the core of their strategy.”

Aside from the income generation of a sustainable building by reducing energy consumption and improving water efficiency, it will enable building owners to: reduce operating costs, optimize the life cycle of the building, increase property reputation and improve occupants’ attendance and productivity.

In order to become sustainable, the first step is a gap analysis and energy modelling performed by qualified Green Engineers, leading to an action plan to achieve potential savings targets against established benchmarks, as well as ongoing monitoring and re-certification over time.

The main global standard is LEED from the USGBC (US Green Building Council), although there are local systems (such as Lotus here in Vietnam or Green Mark in Singapore); all of these seek to guide both construction of new buildings, and the operation of existing ones. For new buildings, sustainability will focus on the design, specification and construction of the project. For existing ones, the focus will be on energy audits, operation optimization and maintenance efficiencies. Hence, all buildings can embrace this trend.

CBRE Sustainability provides LEED certification services under license from the USGBC, and has successfully certified over 500 LEED properties in North America and China. By acting as a trusted partner of investors, we have worked alongside architects and construction engineers in order to make both new and existing buildings more sustainable, thus reducing costs and enhancing asset value.

CBRE Vietnam Sustainability Team includes experienced engineers led by Richard Colville, Director of Asset Services, regional leadership based throughout Asia Pacific, with many of our LEED technicians and energy modelers located in Greater China. This combination of regional and local expertise guarantees clients high service standard and reasonable costs.

So, whether you are investing in a new building or an existing one; and whatever the type of properties in your portfolio, we are ready to help you to define and achieve your Sustainable Strategy.



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