Over the past 5 years, the Government of Vietnam have invested heavily in upgrading over 400 vocational teachers and facilities at 25 colleges across Vietnam to deliver Australian accredited qualifications.

Chisholm, in association with Advanced International Joint Stock Company Vietnam (AIC) Vietnam, have been supporting these colleges to deliver qualifications to over 700 students in the following fields:

·       Diploma of Engineering – Advanced Trade (Mechatronics)
·       Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering
·       Diploma of Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering
·       Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design
·       Advanced Diploma of Information Technology
·       Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering
·       Diploma of ESI – Power Systems Operations
·       Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management (Restaurant Management)
·       Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management (Tour Guide)
·       Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management (Travel Management)
·       Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management (Resort Management)
·       Diploma in Laboratory Technology specialising in Biotechnology

Qualifications are accredited under the Australian Qualifications Framework and are designed around competency based training, ensuring work-ready graduates. The qualifications are practical and hands-on and similar to the approach to teaching we have in Australia.

Students are due to complete their studies in December 2019 and available to work!

Next steps

If you looking for qualified technicians to join your team or interested in learning more about the program visit our website at: www.chisholm.edu.au/industry/international-partnerships/vietnam or contact our Project Coordinator Swan Taylor swan.taylor@chisholm.edu.au or +61 439 947 294 on WhatsApp or Viper.