ABC Rural, 11 August 2015. Citrus export hits snag in Vietnam with permits for slow costly sea freight, by Sarina Locke.

Australian officials from the Department of Agriculture will hold talks in Hanoi next week after an agreement on the export of Australian citrus covered air freight – but the Vietnamese permits issued were for sea freight.

An edited extract of the original article is reproduced below.

The breakthrough in resuming fruit exports to Vietnam has hit a snag.

All fruit exports worth $40 million to Australia, were blocked in January this year, with concerns over orchards’ fruit fly management.

The agreement reached three weeks ago, July 16th, was for air freight from Eastern Australia, for citrus and table grapes this season.

Western Australia was allowed sea freight and on board cold treatment for pests.

But the first permits issued to importers in Vietnam only state sea freight for Australian citrus, adding time and costs to the export, worth only $1.1 million last season…

“The Department of Agriculture is continuing to seek urgent and further clarification of these conditions.”…

David Daniels, market access manager at Citrus Australia, said he was disappointed but hoped high level talks by the Department of Agriculture with Vietnam officials this week would resolve the issue…

“It seems there are misunderstandings between our authorities and the Vietnamese authorities, the import permits, there’ve only been two issued so far, the permit conditions don’t reflect what we agreed on…

The Department of Agriculture will hold further talks in Hanoi with Vietnamese officials on access for other fruit; summer fruit, cherries and pears, on August 17th.




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