AusCham is delighted to announce the Best in Category for each of the five categories of the Australian business Awards which were held at the Park Hyatt Saigon on 23 March 2018.

AusCham also congratulates all finalists – and as the judges made perfectly clear, all are doing an outstanding job in their respective fields.

  • For official photos of Australian Business Awards 2018, click here.

Best in Category

  1. The Award for Sustainability (sponsored by CPA Australia) – Bluescope VietNam
  2. The Award for Innovation (sponsored by Australia In Vietnam) – CBA Solutions
  3. The Award for Alumni in Business (sponsored by Allens) – Dr. Le Thanh Vinh (Deakin Alumni, Monash University) (Standing Vice Chairman, FLC Group)
  4. The Award for Community (sponsored by Asia Counsel Vietnam) – VinaCapital Foundation
  5. The Award for Business Excellence (sponsored by Commonwealth Bank) – Mavin Group

The Finalists

Award for Alumni in Business – Sponsored by Allens

  1. Mr Nguyen Hoang Hai (RMIT Vietnam) (Founder, Canavi)
  2. Mr Ho Thai Binh (RMIT Vietnam, University of Queensland) (Deputy Director SiGen /Founder, Overseas Alumni in Vung Tau)
  3. Mr Nguyen Canh Vinh (La Trobe University) (CEO, SeABank)
  4. Dr. Le Thanh Vinh (Deakin University, Monash University) (Standing Vice Chairman, FLC Group JSC (hospitality, real estate))
  5. Ms Huong Dang, (Swinburne University, Box Hill Institute) (International Partnership and Engagement Manager, KOTO (social enterprise/community services))

Notes: RMIT Vietnam is a Titanium Sponsor of AusCham. La Trobe University is a Bronze Sponsor of AusCham. University of Queensland and KOTO are members of AusCham.

Award for Business Excellence – Sponsored by Commonwealth Bank Australia

  1. CBRE Vietnam (real estate agency), represented by Ms Hang Dang
  2. District Eight Design Company (furniture design and manufacturing), represented by Mr Darren Chew
  3. KPMG Vietnam (finance services), represented by Mr Warrick Cleine
  4. Mavin Group (agricultural producer), represented by Mr David Whitehead
  5. Midway Metals (manufacturing), represented by Mr Anthony Jolly

Award for Community – Sponsored by Asia Counsel

  1. The Al Fresco’s Group (AFG) Vietnam (hospitality), represented by Ms Fiona Terry
  2. KOTO (social enterprise), represented by Mr Jimmy Pham Viet Tuan
  3. KPMG Vietnam (professional services), represented by Mr Paul Huynh
  4. RMIT Vietnam (education), represented by Vice President, Prof Beverley Webster
  5. VinaCapital Foundation (not-for-profit), represented by Mr Rad Kivette

Award for InnovationSponsored by the Australian Embassy

  1. CBA Solutions, a subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank (financial services), represented by Mr Malcolm Yow
  2. DEK Technologies (software and hardware development), represented by Mr Daniel Tedesco
  3. Heart of Darkness Brewery (Craft Brewery), represented by Mr John Pemberton
  4. Meat and Livestock Australia (Australian service body/association – agriculture), represented by Mr Michael Patching
  5. Midway Metals (manufacturing), represented by Mr Anthony Jolly

Award for Sustainability – Sponsored by CPA Australia

  1. Chains Caravelle Hotel (hospitality), represented by Mr Michael Robinson
  2. NS BlueScope Vietnam (manufacturing), represented by Mr Vo Minh Nhut


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