Article 1. Scope of application

This Decree provides details of categories, preferential regimes, development and management policy for provision and use of a number of information technology (IT) services in Vietnam.

Article 2. Objects of application

This Decree shall apply to domestic and foreign organizations and individuals involving in activities related to provision and use of IT services in Vietnam.

Article 3.Interpretation

In this Decree, the following terms are construed as follows:

1. IT services mean commercial activities in order to facilitate the application of IT, the development of IT industry, the improvement of IT workforce and the assurance of information security, including: consultation, research, analysis, support for production, processing, refurbishment, recycling, testing, transfer, training, supply, distribution, operation, warranty, maintenance, management, safety, security, leasing of information technology resources and other relevant IT services.

2. IT consultative
services mean consultation for customers about IT solutions, IT projects, IT management, IT use, IT market research, and other IT-related areas, in which:

a) Consultation services of IT solutions include consultation on solutions of hardware, software, database, information system, network, security, and information security;

b) Consultation services of IT projects include consultation on procedures, dossiers, survey, design, planning, design of project execution and cost estimation, assessment, bidding, management, monitoring and evaluation of projects;

c) Consultation services of IT management include consultation on IT strategy, policy, planning, configuration, quality control and monitoring;

d) IT market research services include performance of investigations, surveys, synthesis and analysis of the IT market.

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