Dear AusCham

Consultation sessions on theexistingLaw on bankruptcy and regulations on insolvency resolution withtheSupreme People’s Court of Vietnamare being rescheduled for the last week of January 2013. The VBF has promised to keep us posted on these sessions.

We will collect members’ comments on the following until January 10, 2013:

  • Obstacles/issues in the implementation of the current insolvency regulations and bankruptcy law including inconsistencies between the law and the other ones such as Land Law, Law on Enterprise, Law on Credit Institution, Law on Execution,  Civil Code.
  • Recommendations on orientation for development of a new law on bankruptcy and regulations on insolvency.

Please click for EN version and VIE version. Should you have any inputs/ comments please forward them to

Thank you very much for your attention and kind cooperation.

The AusCham Team