Business isn’t restricted to:

  • Individual cities – and so AusCham has a presence in multiple cities across Vietnam
  • Vietnam – and so AusCham has growing business links into Australia
  • Vietnam and Australia – and so AusCham has developing links into Asia

AustCham ASEANAustCham ASEAN

Recognising the need to improve information flows on Australian business activity in ASEAN, seven officially registered Australian chambers and business councils from across ASEAN, including AusCham ASEAN, have come together to establish the Australia-ASEAN Chamber of Commerce (AustCham ASEAN) as an umbrella organization for advocacy on issues impacting Australian business operating in ASEAN.

AustCham ASEAN was officially launched by the Australian Prime Minister, the Honourable Malcolm Turnbull, in Singapore on Saturday June 3.

ASEAN Australian Chamber of Commerce

  • Indonesia Australia Business Council (IABC)
  • Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce (AustCham Thailand)
  • Malaysia Australia Business Council (MABC)
  • Australian Chamber of Commerce, Singapore (AustCham Singapore)
  • Australian-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (Philippines) (ANZCHAM Philippines)
  • Australian Chamber of Commerce Myanmar (AustCham Myanmar)
  • Australian Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (AusCham Cambodia)
  • Australia Chamber of Commerce Lao PDR (AustCham Lao)
  • Brunei


Australian Business Asia (ABA)

In every country around Asia, there is an Australian Business Group. These Australian Business Groups, including AusCham Vietnam, come together under the umbrella organisation, Australia Business Asia (ABA).

Membership of one Australian Business Group gives you reciprocal benefits with other Australian Business groups in ABA (conditions apply).

For photos at the 2016 ABA Conference:

To learn more, visit the ABA Website, contact your local business chamber – or go straight to the complete listing of member Australian Business Groups which are also detailed below:


Australian Business Chambers in Asia

Please note that the events calendar on the ABA website is not maintained on a regular basis. Accordingly, to find out the most up to date information for a Business Group in a particular country, please go directly to that Business Group’s website (find the relevant link here).