[ABC Western Victoria, 8 May 2015] ABC Western Victoria has published an article by Larissa Romensky on 8 May 2015 titled, Cookies from Donald head to Vietnam.

An edited extract appears below.

Kookas were on the brink of closing a few years ago…

A change in management and two newly appointed directors has given the company a new lease of life and found some greater efficiencies.

The company is now looking overseas to continue its sales growth, although it requires some effort to become market-ready.

“It took a lot of work and trials of producing samples, and the paperwork is enormous but we’ve got our first pallet off to Vietnam,” Mr Harris said.

The product will be stocked at an upmarket supermarket chain using virtually the same recipe used within the Australian market.

“We have just reduced a little bit of salt and a little bit of sugar,” said Mr Harris…

“Nothing’s developed yet but we see it as a global biscuit now and with the dollar being down we are able to compete very well with other biscuits and why shouldn’t Australia be exporting to the world?” Mr Harris said.

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