Given the present global situation and prevailing economic uncertainty, the rehabilitation of businesses is of increasing concern in order to help resuscitate ailing sectors of national economies. A clear and comprehensive understanding of insolvency laws across the region is now, more than ever, an indispensable tool in navigating the current economic climate. The majority of the countries where DFDL and its affiliated firms operate already have robust insolvency regimes in place. These laws afford companies with viable and workable alternatives to liquidation, including various forms of rehabilitation for distressed businesses. In the event that a rehabilitation scheme is unsuccessful, the resultant liquidation and winding-up process under these laws for non-viable businesses is also outlined.

DFDL has recently published a series of Q&As on restructuring and insolvency options in select ASEAN nations, outlining the most pertinent provisions of these laws. The first edition covers Myanmar, Thailand and the Philippines while the second focuses on Cambodia, the Lao PDR and Vietnam.

We welcome and invite companies and professionals operating in the region to make full use of this resource in order to gain greater insight and clarity on navigating the various insolvency regimes across ASEAN. For insolvency and restructuring related queries, please do not hesitate to contact Chris Robinson, Partner and  Co-Head of the Regional Restructuring & Insolvency Practice, ( and Jonathan Blaine, Co-Head of the Regional Restructuring & Insolvency Practice, (


FIRST EDITION, Myanmar, Thailand & the Philippines











SECOND EDITION, Cambodia, Lao PDR & Vietnam











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